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Our Mission


aims to:

UNITE women to step into a new era of leadership
while REDEFINING BRAVERY & effecting generational CHANGE

Brave Media Network is a FEMALE-LED MEDIA PLATFORM
on a mission to disrupt the traditionally MALE-CENTRIC DEFINITION OF BRAVERY
and to inspire the broader recognition of bravery

BMN exists to amplify the voices of women across the globe who embrace and celebrate the bravest versions of themselves. 

Founded with the strong belief
that bravery DOES NOT EQUAL acts of physical strength alone,
our content seeks to elevate, champion, and encourage

Brave women stand unwavering in their beliefs,

no matter the opposition.

Brave women move forward,

even when the odds are stacked against them.

Brave women draw firm lines in the sand,

building boundaries even when it’s difficult.

Brave women show up for themselves,

even when carrying the weight of the world on their shoulders.

Brave women build each other up,

shaping future generations one step, one action at a time.


Tracey Spicer

‘‘When women take risks they tend not to be supported or celebrated in the same way
as when men take risks.”


About the Founder

The Disruptor of Traditional Bravery

As a world-leading visionary, business pioneer, speaker, author and advisor who is making waves across the globe with her revolutionary RE-DEFINITION of Bravery

She has led a career of DISRUPTION in male-dominated global industries, carving out pathways and opening doors for scores of women to walk through and stand beside her.

In March of 2021, Rachael was APPALLED when she noticed that among the Australian Bravery Decorations recipients, 80 of 86 were presented to men for acts of physical valour or service. While these acts are indeed brave, Rachael believes Bravery means SO MUCH MORE than this.

Where were the acts of moral and emotional bravery?

The stories of mothers bravely birthing children…then fighting EVERY DAY to give them the world WITHOUT losing themselves in the process?

The stories about BROKEN GLASS CEILINGS in spite of workplace harassment, and of thriving when others “knew” you would fail?

Rachael NEEDED TO KNOW, among this celebration of Bravery:

Where were the women???

Women carry out acts of BRAVERY day in and day out, whether our culture notices or not.

FIRM in your beliefs;
PERSERVERING through fear;
Forging ahead DESPITE the obstacles;
CHOOSING SELF over the Status Quo:

ALL of this is TRUE BRAVERY, and it is past time for our culture to WAKE UP

As Seen In

Are you ready to wake up every day and live your bravest life?

Sign up today for our 365 Days of Brave and you will receive a daily brave message
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Colleen Callander

‘‘As I’ve become older, I’ve looked back at some of the women in my life and thought, goodness me, their bravery was extraordinary but not celebrated in the same way.”


Her Story

Rachael Evans was tired of running.

Tired of running herself RAGGED raising three kids, growing multiple 7-figure businesses, AND attempting to appease a spouse who felt threatened by her success and ambition. ENOUGH WAS ENOUGH.

It was time to stop diminishing her sovereignty, let go of that expectation for her to constantly step back into the role of “GOOD WIFE AND MOM”

Rachael was tired of running her life according to society’s view of the MODERN WOMAN:
EMBRACE your ambition…but not like that
EXCEL at your career…but not at the expense of the kids
BE your own person…but consider your spouse’s opinion before you change your hair
Run a TIGHT SHIP at home…but hire a housekeeper? Who do you think you are?

Ambition or Motherhood
Career or Home Life
Business or Kids
Marriage or Partnership

All around her, the voices kept saying: — it’s one or the other, Rachael. You can’t have it all.


After years of striving to find BALANCE between all of the pieces pulling at Rachael’s soul, she realized a truth about TODAY’S REALITY for women:

Despite the ENORMOUS strides made in the fight for women’s RIGHTS & EQUALITY, we still have a LONG WAY to go.

We are still expected to fit inside the NARROW BOX society has defined for us.
We still ROCK THE BOAT when we behave outside the norm.
We still get called selfish when we STAND FIRM in our own decisions.
We still tell ourselves we AREN’T QUALIFIED for that job, so why even apply?
We still face judgment for EVERYTHING from the car we drive to the help we hire.

‘‘I stood there at that intersection for the longest time, bombarded with requests to be less than I am in order to fit neatly into a box designed for women generations ago, all the while gazing into to the future to see a utopia where I was able to help thousands of people to improve their own businesses and ultimately live better lives.’’

- Rachael Evans, Founder & CEO of Brave Media Network

Each and every time we draw our lines in the sand and choose ourselves, it is an act of Bravery.

Sometimes, those lines in the sand change the TRAJECTORIES of our lives in profoundly monumental ways.

Rachael’s trajectory changed on January 11, 2017, while standing atop the EMPIRE STATE BUILDING in New York City. She was there to celebrate her 40th birthday with her family, and the occasion led her to a moment of quietly powerful introspection.


In that time, Rachael had raised three wonderful children and created an enviable life for her family.

She had grown THREE successful businesses: the auto repair shop she operated with her husband; the personal training business she had abandoned so she could FOCUS all her efforts on helping him; and finally, the THRIVING coaching business she built to help other shop owners duplicate the MASSIVE SUCCESS she had found.

It was her decision to LAUNCH that coaching business that both UNEARTHED HER AMBITION and uncanny ability to THRIVE as an entrepreneur — and also marked the beginning of the end for the “old” Rachael.

At that moment, she vowed to stop diminishing her Self and start embracing her Sovereignty. This was the day Rachael stepped into her Empire State.

Without claiming her EMPIRE STATE, Rachael would not be here today, at the HELM of the revolutionary Brave Media Network — an endeavor meant to amplify the voices of women across the globe while CHANGING the very DEFINITION of what it means to be BRAVE.

Rachael Evans is on a MISSION to redefine Bravery, wrenching it away from the OUTDATED, PATRIARCHAL definition of yesterday.

At Brave Media Network, we REJECT the notion that Bravery must be CONFINED to the small box of physical acts, feats of strength, and outward acts of heroism. Through our platform, we will carve out a NEW DEFINITION of Bravery that includes ALL people who seek a better, more equitable world.

Be Brave. Be Bold. Be Brilliant.

Are you ready to wake up every day and live your bravest life?

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Jas Rawlinson

‘‘ I think it’s important for people to understand that there are so many things that we encounter or do throughout life that require us to have bravery, and it’s not a one size fits all approach when it comes to courage or bravery. ’’


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