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Emotional Intelligence

“If we all come together with our common goals and things to help each other, then we help to make the world a better place.”

Gayle Martz is an advocate for the human-animal bond. She is the creator of Sherpa and is responsible for changing the policy on all the major airlines regarding carrying small pets in the passenger cabin with their owners. Her values fall under what needs to be done to help, to educate, to motivate, and inspire others.

Gayle had this amazing idea and from her idea, a very strong foundation was built. We talk about how to help make the world a better place, that a service to the world is very important.

It is not always about producing products. She has this amazing mindset that you should believe in yourself and if it’s supposed to be, it will happen. You have to have the courage and bravery to push through the fear of the unknown and keep on believing that you are right where you’re meant to be.

She didn’t have advanced degrees and a world of business knowledge. What she had was a drive and a passion to keep the pets in our lives safe and happy by being allowed to join us as we travel. Because the human-animal bond is a necessary one and shouldn’t be undermined by antiquated policies.

Defining Bravery

Bravery can be defined as pushing past fear. Fear is simply false expectations appearing real and keeping you from making that next step forward. What does that mean?

Imagine for a moment that you’ve never spoken on stage before. You’ve never so much as spoken to a room of 10 or 15 people. And suddenly you find yourself on stage facing a crowd of over 1900 industry leaders and you’re the keynote speaker meant to provide wisdom and clarity for an entire event.

Do you have the picture in your mind? What do you feel in your body as you consider standing there? Mind you, you’re fully prepared for this speech. You know exactly what you’re meant to talk about and it’s something that you have a deep passion for.

However you’ve never spoken on stage. It’s a brand new experience. You’re likely experiencing terror. Not because being on that stage is actually going to push you into some sort of life or death situation, but because you’ve never done it before.

Now imagine you’ve spoken to rooms filled with tens of thousands of people regularly. Do you think the level of fear is the same? No! Because you no longer have the false expectation of having a terrifying experience on the stage. You’ve conquered your fear by being brave enough to try it the first time.

Being Brave

That’s not to say you’ll never feel fear again. Of course you’ll continue to feel it. If you’re living and breathing then you’re growing and evolving and with that evolution comes change. We all fear change to a certain extent because of the unknown.

You simply must keep taking those steps, keep making bold moves, and you’ll find that being brave gets easier and easier.

Gayle herself had that momentary feeling of terror when she was first asked to speak in front of a large audience. She was chatting on a topic that she’d shared many times over in smaller venues, but because of the change in audience size, she felt her fears deep in the pit of her stomach.

She worked through it anyway and proved that she could be brave no matter the circumstances.

Supporting One Another to Make Brave Moves

Women have a bad habit of feeling like they need to take everything on. We often feel weak if we need to ask for help, but we all need help sometimes. One of the most supportive things we can do for one another is to normalize and celebrate being able to ask and receive help.

But to properly ask for the help we need, we have to be able to articulate our needs, wants, and feelings.

Get comfortable with yourself and your story and don’t be afraid to share it. We all need to start accepting each other for who we are and where we are today. We’ve all made mistakes. We’ve all fallen short in some way or another. Let’s stop cutting each other down further and instead hoist each other up.

That’s how we support each other and keep these brave conversations going.

Emotional Intelligence: The Key to Change

Gayle shares how her entire business has been built from her ability to take intuitive action. She credits her emotional intelligence for helping her be brave enough to generate her own small changes in this world.

She knew she wanted to create impact. She knew she wanted to do big things. Having the bravery to follow her gut and to keep searching for the next right move is what has gotten her to where she is today.

Listening to the cues of your body and your mind and perhaps even nature and the will of whichever higher power you believe in is paramount to finding the right path in Gayle’s opinion. The universe is constantly trying to tell us something, but we have to listen.

We also have to listen to our own intuition. That terrible relationship isn’t going to get better and you know it. That lying business partner isn’t going to change their ways. When you know deep down that something is wrong, it’s wrong. Lean into your emotional intelligence and give yourself permission to take brave action.

Her Next Brave Move

Gayle’s next brave move will be to keep doing what she can do. She wants to continue to educate and inspire others to continue to advocate for their four-legged companions. Instead of a big project that will push her out of her comfort zone, she’s staying in her zone of genius and creating more avenues of conversation.

Bravery doesn’t have to mean continually reaching skyscraper goal after skyscraper goal. Sometimes it means staying true and steady to the course that is leading to your true final goal.

For Gayle that means creating space to continue to normalize allowing our pets to join us in everyday life. How about you? Do you wish your animals could participate in your life in a bigger way?

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