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Rachael Evans,

is a world-leading


who is making waves across the globe with her revolutionary re-definition of Bravery.

Rachael has led a career of disruption
for scores of women to walk through and stand beside her.

A dynamic speaker, Rachael inspires audiences to embrace and celebrate
the bravest, boldest versions of themselves.

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Above All,

Rachael is dedicated to helping women

step into their BRAVERY
and reclaim their POWER,
changing the CONVERSATION
and effecting positive change for FUTURE GENERATIONS.

Rachael is available for select media appearances, interviews
and speaking engagements.

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Alyza Brevard-Rodriguez

‘‘There’s a lot of talk about uplifting women, but there’s not enough action.”

Rachael’s Signature Topics Include:

Bravery Redefined

Why the traditional definition of bravery is STIFLINGLY NARROW.

Too often, our society only recognizes the physical acts of heroism and bravery, bypassing the acts of MORAL, SPIRITUAL and EMOTIONAL BRAVERY carried out each day.

Rachael seeks to champion her more inclusive definition of bravery, encouraging women to act boldly and encourage one another to press on with COURAGE and RESOLVE.

She explores why we have settled for the less inclusive definition for so long, and what motivates us to CHANGE THE NARRATIVE.

Reclaiming Feminine Sovereignty During the 4th Wave of Feminism

The battle that women face today in society is DIFFERENT from that of generations past, but it is a battle, nonetheless.

Our fight is MORE SUBTLE at times, more NUANCED. It is the fight against a culture of mom shaming and judgment fuelled by social media. It is the INTERNAL STRUGGLE of women who have stayed in the shadows for too long, supporting everyone else’s dreams but their own.

Rachael’s message for the women of the world?

The time is NOW to reclaim our SOVEREIGNTY, to stand in our power with GRACE AND FREEDOM. Step out of the shadows with Rachael as she inspires and empowers women to live BRAVELY, BOLDLY and BRILLIANTLY.

The Intersection of Motherhood and Ambition

AMBITION is not a dirty word. And yet, society CONSTANTLY JUDGES women who choose to pursue their dreams at the “expense” of their children.

Rachael calls out the lie that elevates motherhood as martyrdom and stifles women’s creative passions. As a mother of 6, Rachael CONFRONTED SOCIETAL EXPECTATIONS and “mom guilt” head on, building multiple 7-FIGURE BUSINESSES her way.

Now, she is on a mission to inspire women to make BOLD, BRAVE CHOICES for themselves, working toward POSITIVE CHANGE AND EMPOWERMENT for future generations.

Beyond the Glass Ceiling: Forging a New Era of Leadership in Traditionally Male-Dominated Industries

Rachael is no stranger to the male-dominated workforce. She has spent decades CARVING PATHWAYS and SHOVING OPEN DOORS in industries where women are traditionally relegated to the receptionist’s desk.

Not only did she find the power to BUST THROUGH the glass ceiling, she set a new standard for the men behind her to catch up to. Rachael MOTIVATES women across all industries and in all arenas to rise to the greatest heights possible, following their dreams and DISRUPTING PARADIGMS along the way.

A New Kind of Hero: Modern Women Fuelling Positive Change Around the World (and how we can join them)

Who deserves to be called a HERO? What does it take to earn an award for BRAVERY?

According to the Australian government, 9 times out of 10, it takes being a man. It means performing a physical rescue or feat of strength. Rachael was APPALLED to see that, of the 86 people on the Australian Bravery Decorations list, 80 were men.

Where were the women?

Rachael highlights tales of EXTREME HEROISM performed by women around the world — from bravely facing political attacks to choosing mental health over the Olympics, these stories must be celebrated for what they are: TRUE BRAVERY.

Using these examples, and more, Rachael shows us how we can unite to fuel positive, GENERATIONAL CHANGE for women and girls around the world.

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For media enquiries or to book Rachael Evans for a speaking engagement,
please click enquire now to email her dedicated press team


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