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Trusting Your Intuition

“I am using all the tools I have right now to be brave every single day.”

Jessica “Jess” Hughes is an abstract intuitive artist and creativity expert who works with artists and creative entrepreneurs to expand their visibility and teach them tools for elevating their businesses.

Though she has grown multiple businesses, this is the one that reflects her values the most. It has also been her most financially successful as well, due in large part to her honouring her vision and values.

Jess is a mother to four daughters and three sons. They are the reason she has made positive changes in her life. She has overcome substance abuse and an eating disorder to empower her children to make better choices in life.

Defining Bravery

Bravery is not the absence of fear per Jess, it’s having tremendous fear inside and taking action anyway. For her, the pain of losing herself and not being supported in her need to reconnect with who she was becoming as a woman, pushed her to take a huge brave action.

That lack of support became the reason she ended her marriage. It took almost completely losing who she was as a person to the demands of marriage and motherhood for her to realize she wasn’t with “the one.”

Becoming a single mother to seven kids is no easy feat, but she knew the alternative was worse. She had to show her daughters that it was okay to expect and demand more of their future partners. She had to show her sons the importance of supporting their partners as well.

So she leapt, and she found herself.

Being Brave

Every day presents new challenges. Jess is using all the tools she has to continue to be brave every single day. Those lost years in her life pushed her into an extremely self-destructive state. She was abusing substances and had a pretty severe eating disorder.

But she had to get out. She had to get free. Not just from her marriage but from the methods of coping she had been employing.

Her children mean everything to her, and they deserve a mother who is willing to battle her own demons to be sure they don’t have to do it for her. She has been trying to blast through her limiting beliefs and realize that she is worthy of happiness and that happiness isn’t dependent upon others.

She takes each struggle one at a time and every time she overcomes an obstacle, the path gets just a little bit easier.


Society still pushes the narrative that women need to stay in bad relationships. That children will only be happy in a two parent household. But what about women who are being abused? Who are abusing themselves because of untenable situations.

It’s unbelievably brave to stay in a bad relationship if that’s what’s right for you and your children. But the opposite is also true. It’s brave to leave a relationship if you know that it’s the right move for you and your children.

We as women need to empower each other to make the best decisions for our families. We need to help each other change the conversation around what is right and wrong with regard to marital relationships.

And we need to stop judging each other so harshly for the decisions we make. It’s time to start empowering others to take brave steps in their lives no matter our own beliefs.

How We Can Support One Another

Being vulnerable with each other, asking for support, and being honest with one another. We need to talk about the brave moves we’re making. We need to talk about the weak moments, the strong moments, the struggles and the victories.

Opening up a dialogue for open and honest conversations with other women is a key way we can offer support. Then allowing yourself to hear and be heard without judgment or comparison. It’s time to open our ears, minds, and hearts to one another so that we can all lift each other up.

Jess is working to reframe the narrative around conquering substance abuse, and that takes an extreme amount of courage and bravery. She couldn’t do it if others weren’t willing to listen and support her.

The Next Brave Move

Jess is an extreme introvert, but she’s not willing to let that stop her from spreading her message. Her next brave move is to apply to speak on stage in front of live audiences. She knows she has a powerful story to tell and that she’s not the only one who has dealt with these issues.

Her goal is to put her joy and her love for her family first and foremost, but also to keep sharing her story and upleveling her business. She has seven kids to support and she’s determined to do it on her terms.

She is working to help fill her home and her children with joy and love. She’s banishing the guilt she feels for not doing enough when her kids were younger, instead making sure joy replaces all the trauma and pain of the past.

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